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Father, husband, competitor, programmer. I'm an Oregon-raised, former District of Columbian and Bay Area resident, who now lives in the beautiful Temecula Valley. I have passions for programming, golfing, running, table tennis, and problem solving. I'm also probably interested in anything I can compete at.

I graduated from U.C. Davis with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I started my programming career working for the state of California at CERES, moved to D.C. and worked for a hip consulting company (Viget Labs), then moved back to the west coast where I now work in a nerd's paradise (NVIDIA).


Current Lanaguages

  • Ruby
  • Javascript
  • SQL

Current Frameworks

  • Rails
  • Express (Node)
  • Sinatra
  • jQuery


  • TDD
  • REST
  • DRY



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Who holds the low round at any course.

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My SCGA handicap is 0.1 as of 6/23/2016.


You can contact me via email by adding my first and last name together

I'm on github, although a lot of my stuff is in private repositories. I also use bitbucket for free private git storage. Contact me for samples of work.

On twitter you'll find me @weexpectedTHIS